Portfolio construction is at the heart of the process in planning for your financial future.  
Please complete the following Risk Profile to help determine the asset allocation that will best fit your investment temperament. We take into consideration your personal goals and objectives, tolerance for fluctuation in the market, investment horizon, and personality.
Your Risk Profile
I. Experience

I would describe my comfort level regarding riskier investments  as… 

Have you ever been involved in an arbitration or lawsuit with a financial firm? 

What are your future financial goals? 

Objectives:  How long do you expect it will take to achieve these goals?

Do you plan on withdrawing more that 25% of your portfolio during the next 5 years? 

Do you currently have outstanding student loans?

You believe that 6 months of living expenses should be in a reserve account 

Investing often involves emotions, a multidimensional and ever changing factor. Please check the answers that most closely describe you.  

A. Would you describe yourself as enthusiastic, talkative and outgoing? You don’t mind being the center of attention, you feel comfortable around people, and tend to start conversations.

B. Historically, you have had a need to be advised of all transactions before they are made.

C. Would you describe yourself as curious, imaginative and original? You have a vivid imagination, excellent ideas and the ability to understand things quickly.

D. Would you describe yourself as anxious, and somewhat apprehensive? You are easily disturbed, irritated easily and worry about things.

E. Do you tend to second guess yourself when making decisions, wondering if you made the right decision. You wonder what the results would have been if you chose another option.

F. Would you describe yourself as organized, responsible and thorough? You are always prepared, pay attention to details and follow a schedule?

G. Which statement best describes you:

X. Goals and objectives   A. Please prioritize the following financial objectives in order of their importance (1-5)

High need for ready cash

Current spendable income from the portfolio

Maximize long term capital growth

Protection from inflation

Reduce income taxes

B. I can tolerate sharp ups and downs in the short-term value of my investments in return for potential long-term gains

C. I am willing to take the risks associated with high risk investments in order to earn a potential return greater than the rate of inflation.

D. I am comfortable holding on to an investment even though it drops sharply in value, provided the long term opportunity remains unchanged.

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